Cannabis tinctures provide for curative properties as well as recreational enjoyment and couldn’t be more simple to consume. Carrying an array of THC and CBD formulations, MMD Shops in Hollywood offers your perfect fit. The bottle slips right into your pocket, includes a dropper for accurate dosing and accommodates sublingual consumption or a more delayed onset of effects by adding to foods or beverages.

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Consider tincture syrups produced by Lime in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon or Fruit Punch. Infused with highly potent live resin, syrup is tapioca based, vegan and gluten free, made with natural colors and flavoring and contains no high fructose corn syrup. Try out the simplicity and convenience of Protabs produced by Level for focus and energy, better sleep or the desired effects of indicas or sativas and sold in ten packs or a single tablet.

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Discreet, precise and with a long shelf-life, cannabis tinctures and tablets fit into active, hectic and all sorts of lifestyles. The knowledgeable staff from MMD Shops is happy to share recommendations and our doors in Hollywood are open seven days per week. We welcome online ordering and prepare your selections for express in-store pickup. We also deliver to the surrounding areas for added convenience.

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