MMD Shops continues to steadily add to our menu of edibles, making sure of new surprises every time you stop by our Hollywood cannabis dispensary. Count on something to delight your taste buds and tempt you back again and again. We just love the simplicity of cannabis-infused treats. Ideal for beginners and long-time aficionados, suited to medicinal patients and recreational consumers, they offer long-lasting effects.

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Explore nearly endless possibilities at MMD Shops. We carry premier producers of cannabis treats, including Kiva, Kanha, Wyld, Big Pete’s, Froot and Heavy Hitters. Our collection caters to your specific needs with sugar-free, vegan-friendly, high THC potency and CBD-dominant options. Take edibles with you for life-on-the-go, portion them out for precise dosing and choose strains that match your priorities.

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You don’t need to appreciate the taste of cannabis to indulge in velvety smooth and rich milk, dark or even S’mores chocolate bars. Sweet ranch crackers, chili lime crackers, peanut butter cups, cannabutter, marshmallow treats and an assortment of cookies are sure to satisfy. Check out gummies in flavors such Tropical Burst, Green Apple, Watermelon, Sour Cherry, Green Crack, Elderberry and lots and lots more. Our full variety is available for online ordering, in-store pickup and delivery to the areas surrounding MMD Shops in Hollywood.

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