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Why pay more at the dispensary when you don’t have to? MMD has the best cannabis deals in Los Angeles on trusted brands. Special deals for new customers, veterans, and seniors are always available and fresh opportunities to save are added regularly.



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We know people talk and we encourage that. We love our customers to leave Yelp and Google reviews because every review is an opportunity for us to improve our dispensaries for you. Read what our customers have to say about MMD cannabis dispensary selection and service.

  • Sutton S. Avatar
    Sutton S.

    5 star rating Michael took a huge extra step to help me with my order and I really appreciate the positive energy from everyone who works here. I... read more -

    Salma C. Avatar
    Salma C.

    5 star rating First time in LA and first time buying cannabis legally. Great experience all around! Very helpful and informative. Will come here every time I come... read more -

    Mark T. Avatar
    Mark T.

    5 star rating The best in the Venice area. Selection is superb and the staff is friendly. I've been going the since their soft open and felt well... read more -

  • Kari C. Avatar
    Kari C.

    5 star rating I love this store from the outside to the inside. It's brand new, super cute and the staff is very knowledgeable about the products... read more -

    Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.

    5 star rating Text or call+1(402)-265-4710 We currently have fresh harvested and well trimmed indoor and outdoors flower of top quality strains available, Concentrates and vapes cartridges... read more -

    Jorge F. Avatar
    Jorge F.

    5 star rating I stopped by and Robin was my budtender. She was very busy but still had a huge smile on her face and was awesome all... read more -

  • Mathew G. Avatar
    Mathew G.

    5 star rating Christian did a great job serving my friend and me. He made the whole interaction fun fast and respectful . I'll definitely come back. -

    Richard M. Avatar
    Richard M.

    5 star rating This shop is hella dope. Been coming here for a couple months and haven't had a bad experience. Everyone is super helpful. Lucky the bud... read more -

    MR. LAKER N. Avatar
    MR. LAKER N.

    5 star rating Honestly the most helpful people out there... I usually pick my weed by smelling it but since COVID that's a thing of the past. I've... read more -

  • kevin j. Avatar
    kevin j.

    5 star rating The product has always been good. The front desk customer service is TERRIBLE. The guy tonight was the worst. The security guy was helpful but... read more -

    Kush G. Avatar
    Kush G.

    5 star rating Text or call+1(402)-265-4710 We currently have fresh harvested and well trimmed indoor and outdoors flower of top quality strains available, Concentrates and vapes cartridges... read more -

    Steven E. Avatar
    Steven E.

    5 star rating There were so many dispensaries to choose from in the area but I'm so glad I ended up at this one. MMD checked me in... read more -

  • Gabi S. Avatar
    Gabi S.

    5 star rating Michael, Hailie, and Angel were honestly phenomenal and sooo friendly and helpful!! This location is DOPE!! -

    Craig S. Avatar
    Craig S.

    5 star rating Friendly and knowledgable staff, very helpful, professionally run and following all the Covid protocols - what's not to like? Nice folks, highly recommend this place. -

    Liz P. Avatar
    Liz P.

    5 star rating OMG! I haven't been into a store in forever. I decided to walk in and was so glad I did. The budtenders are kind and... read more -



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