Weed-Infused Drinks

Whether you’re interested in medicinal benefits or recreational pleasure, high THC or strictly CBD, our shelves provide ample opportunity and potential. Consider an alternative to alcohol and avoid the hangover. Drink your edibles for the quicker onset of effects. Appreciate the simplicity and ease of dosing. You’re going to love our cannabis-infused beverages.

Take a Sip and Relax

Seltzer, tonic, tea, lemonade, iced tea, cola, punch, and non-alcoholic beer are some of the many cannabis-infused beverages available at MMD Shops. Choose from a wide variety of flavors, including pineapple jalapeno, mango guava, grapefruit rosemary, raspberry, and rootbeer. TONIK, Keef Cola, Heavy Hitters, and Cann are a few of the premium brands you’ll recognize and want to remember. Feel free to order online for quick in-and-out retrieval or let us deliver right to your door.

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