When you’re searching for the perfect smoking experience, without hassle or waste, shop pre-rolls from MMD Shops in Hollywood. Known for top quality weed at the best prices, we carry a selection of ready-to-light joints and blunts from the brands that continue to set new standards of excellence, including West Coast Cure, Jeeter, Country, Malibou, MMD, Presidential and so many more.

Premium Pre-Rolls Delivered in Hollywood

Pick and choose from an extensive array of indicas, sativas and hybrids and indulge in infused varieties. There’s none of the work of rolling the perfect joint and no need for access to grinders, rolling papers or rolling trays. Avoid frustration with too loose or too tight of a roll, joints that won’t stay lit or the endless ash. Pre-rolls from MMD Shops satisfy every expectation from first puff to the last.

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Single pre-roll joints or blunts are super affordable, a great way to try something new and an ideal addition to any order. Packs provide plenty of your favorites. Discover exciting and exceptional strains at MMD Shops, such as Rainbow Sherbet, Cookie Platter, Grapefruit Romulan, Durban Poison, Apple Fritter and a wonderfully impressive lineup that evolves all the time. Checking out our selection and ordering is easy online. MMD Shops offers the added convenience of in-store pickup and delivery.

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