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Jeeter - Jeeter Baby 5pk Cat Piss $28
Jeeter Baby 5pk Cat Piss $28
THC: 18.47%
Cat Piss is a strain with various sources of origin. Below are several anecdotes about the strain's inception. Origin #1 The clone-only version of Cat Piss was derived from a select phenotype of Super Silver Haze. Her flowers are rock-hard and shaped like a small pine cone with a glowing neon-green hue. Cat Piss has shades of dark green and lavender that will remind you of a tropical jungle. Her flowers are littered with long, deep, amber-colored hairs with a thick resin coating. When cultivated indoors, Cat Piss typically completes a flowering cycle within 65 days of the 12/12 light cycle switch. As a Sativa-dominant clone, this strain responds well to low-stress training (LST). When grown in a Screen of Green (SCROG) environment, cultivators will witness an increase in vegetation and ultimately higher yields. Cat Piss thrives in both indoor and outdoor grow environments and is known to produce moderate yields when left untrained. The flavors are spiced with an ammonia nose, and the effect works well at managing stress and depression. Note: In cannabis folklore, Cat Piss has two other origin stories. SoCal Cat Piss was derived from the famed TrainWreck strain, while NorCal Cat Piss is thought to be related to an Afghani landrace. Origin #2 SoCal Cat Piss (Catpiss) is a Sativa-dominant clone-only strain that was purportedly derived from the Trainwreck strain. This version of Cat Piss has an Indica plant structure and growth pattern that produces a shorter plant with a skunky essence. SoCal Cat Piss is known for its abundant yields and its medicinal effects. Origin #3 NorCal Cat Piss is an Indica-leaning clone only strain that was tracked down and saved by Shabud, a well-known member of the online forum community As the story goes, Norcal Cat Piss inspired Shabud’s early growing career and he spent the next 15 years looking for the strain. The flavor of NorCal Catpiss is pungent and earthy and works well for evening use. While Cat Piss typically displays Sativa phenotypes, NorCal Catpiss leans on its Indica genetics and has been utilized to create several hybrids.
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