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  • Sebastian B. Avatar
    Sebastian B.

    5 star rating This is where to go for your Supercritical Co2 Cannibis Oil cartridges.  What an amazing invention. After decades of smoking, your lungs (& voice) will... read more -

    Debbie O. Avatar
    Debbie O.

    5 star rating On the first time buyer. Armin waited on me and he was excellent! I was looking for cannabis oil and he showed me what was... read more -

    B B. Avatar
    B B.

    5 star rating This is my go-to pharmacy!  The nicest staff in town, the security people are even nice!  Most other places I've been feels like I'm being... read more -

  • Chris G. Avatar
    Chris G.

    5 star rating Mckenna, Mckenna, Mckenna, the  service is amazing, always have the best in stock, I won't go anywhere else. Great shop.  Great atmosphere, great peeps, highly recommend!! -

    Kasey M. Avatar
    Kasey M.

    5 star rating These guys rock.  Fair pricing, solid product, and excellent customer service are the highlights.   Great neighborhood vibe.  Like Cheers, but, ya know... with weed. -

    Alyson S. Avatar
    Alyson S.

    5 star rating Love this place!Bud tenders are super knowledgeable and cool. Makes you feel like you're part of their MMD family. Not just a customer. They run... read more -

  • Mr. K. Avatar
    Mr. K.

    5 star rating Hands down Best dispensarie in Los Angeles! The variety of flowers alone puts it in a class by itself. The quality of the flowers are... read more -

    Mubarik M. Avatar
    Mubarik M.

    5 star rating Stephanie at CCCN was amazing! All of them are so knowledgeable. Helped me find products that help with relaxation. I don't like to get very... read more -

    Joseph R. Avatar
    Joseph R.

    5 star rating Best Herb Joint EVER!! Not only is the product good, but the peeps are the best around. This crew knows their stuff and everyone is... read more -

  • Stacey R. Avatar
    Stacey R.

    5 star rating The staff & security are so attentive & friendly. Their product is the best in the Valley. I've tried multiple ones & it sent me... read more -

    Briana L. Avatar
    Briana L.

    5 star rating Whenever you have a chance to make it to California, enjoy some recreational goodies...go stop by CCCN for all your needs. If you are a... read more -

    Sue F. Avatar
    Sue F.

    5 star rating Love it! Staff up front were super cool, minding their own business and the ladies in the back were informative and nice to talk to.... read more -

  • Leo M. Avatar
    Leo M.

    5 star rating Good service. Knowledgeable staff. Great selection. They have a loyalty program for frequent visitors which I recommend joining. I've been going here for many, many... read more -

    Walt B. Avatar
    Walt B.

    5 star rating Found CCCN here on Yelp.  Was a bit of trouble finding the location, and the parking lot is super duper small and hard to get... read more -

    Pocketplayer R. Avatar
    Pocketplayer R.

    5 star rating It never rains in Calif?  Really?  Well it rained tonight and of course I get a flat tire. I did my business inside (always top... read more -

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