MMD Shops promises new discoveries every time you step inside. We continue a never-ending search for exciting and exceptional cannabis innovations. Our passion for curating emerging products, outstanding quality and temptations for our customers is obvious in our collection of edibles. Stop by our North Hollywood dispensary to satisfy your sweet tooth, elevate your wellness plan and to simply enjoy.

Quality Cannabis Edibles in North Hollywood

Well-known brands such as Big Pete’s, Kiva, Froot, Wyld, Kanha and Heavy Hitters contribute to our diverse and delicious menu of cannabis edibles. Dip into double chocolate cookies, peanut butter cups, rich chocolate bars and marshmallow treats. Get creative with indica or sativa cannabutter. Explore a nearly endless selection of gummies in fantastic flavors, including Green Apple, Sour Peach, Tangerine Twist, Watermelon, Pear, Elderberry and Raspberry.

Stop By MMD Shops and Pick Up Today

Established in North Hollywood in [year], MMD Shops is a well-known destination for a wide assortment of choices and best prices. The first-time cannabis consumer as well as the most practiced connoisseur will delight in our offerings, appreciate our caring service and feel at home with us. Open seven days per week, we welcome online ordering and in-store pickup. We also deliver!

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