Friendly Farms - Friendly Farms FSO 1g The Grench $40
Friendly Farms FSO 1g The Grench $40
Friendly California's 1G FSO give users full control over their cannabis experience with a simple to use applicator that gives you the ability to measure your dosage and the versatility to enjoy any consumption method. Our FSO is the same Tru Spectrum, strain specific cannabis oil we use for our cartridges with no additives or extra filtration. We invite you to experience why Friendly Farms is the favorite of cannabis connoisseurs all over California. You'll know somebody loves you if you find The Grench in your Christmas stocking. But be careful, this green beast is out to steal your sobriety! Take a whiff of the aroma and be transported to the world of Dr. Seuss. Flavors of sour gummy worms draped over sweet cotton candy collide with the scent of a pine forest after a heavy rain, beckoning you to experience the wild ride this strain provides!
1 gram
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