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  • Tanisha B. Avatar
    Tanisha B.

    5 star rating Omg! Our tour guide brought us here because I asked about the best dispensary in the area. The gummies were amazing! I had one and... read more -

    Steph B. Avatar
    Steph B.

    5 star rating I came in a hurry and got to work with Bryant, he was so sweet and chipper! He assisted me and I got to leave... read more -

    Adam R. Avatar
    Adam R.

    5 star rating I did an in-store promo here for Heavy Hitters earlier this week and this shop is in a poppin location! Great staff,l and great products.... read more -

  • Stephen G. Avatar
    Stephen G.

    5 star rating Just stopped by a second ago to pick up some CBD. Nice selection. Fair prices. I was helped out by an awesome woman with a... read more -

    Jean S. Avatar
    Jean S.

    5 star rating Great manager Dani and great bud tender evie they are really great!! Keep going and keep it up -

    Derrek G. Avatar
    Derrek G.

    5 star rating Yo ya boiiiiiiii is backkkkkk!!!! Whenever YA BOI in the 90029 u kno he b hitting up MMD for all his smokable goodness. That front... read more -

  • Alasco P. Avatar
    Alasco P.

    5 star rating Coming from New York so this was my first time in a dispensary. Super fast registration process, great selection, very fair prices and great staff!... read more -

    Nick R. Avatar
    Nick R.

    5 star rating Awesome shop, amazing people, good vibes!!! Come here for sure if you need a quick bud  grab! -

    Larry T. Avatar
    Larry T.

    5 star rating Best shop in Hollywood. Thank you MMD for excellent service and top notch selections. The parking situation is not ideal but it's Hollywood! Everyone is... read more -

  • Marina M. Avatar
    Marina M.

    5 star rating This was the first dispensary I've ever gone into and wow! I was thoroughly impressed by the layout, architecture and service! They sell both recreational... read more -

    Jason M. Avatar
    Jason M.

    5 star rating I've been here maybe 4 times now. Every time seems better than the last.  I usually buy the same things. Vape & edibles. I had... read more -

    D W. Avatar
    D W.

    5 star rating Lol the people who are giving MMD lower than 3 stars must be new to using weed. Any legal dispensary is kind of expensive. While... read more -

  • Patrick O. Avatar
    Patrick O.

    5 star rating I always love coming here because they are professionals. They always bring thier A game! Products and personality here! -

    Greta R. Avatar
    Greta R.

    5 star rating I would recommend this place we are from out of state an were looking for a place that had good reviews as you can see... read more -

    Jose B. Avatar
    Jose B.

    5 star rating Always hit this place up when I'm in Hollywood. They do an amazing job and the staff is super nice and knowledgeable. If you go... read more -

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1515 N Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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4720 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91602

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13356 W Washington Blvd.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90066

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Long Beach CA, 90806

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