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Proper dosage is a vital practice for every cannabis user. To achieve your desired effects, you need to know what and how much you’re consuming. The easiest (and most delicious) way is to eat weed treats.

Edibles are the best way to get an accurate dose. 

Unlike smoking or vaping cannabis products, edibles have specific dosages per serving. 

What kinds of weed treats are out there? 

There’s a huge variety of weed treats on the market. You can find everything from baked goods to cannabis-infused beverages. Chocolate bars and gummies are good options for beginners because each separate piece has a specific dose.

Can you pick strains like with cannabis flower?

Just like cannabis flowers and extracts, cannabis edibles have different strains. Many products even list their specific effects. Sativa dominant strains induce more euphoria and energy, while Indica heavy ones are for relaxation and pain relief. 

Do all edibles have identical dosages? 

California Code of Regulations limits edible cannabis products to 100 mg of THC per package and 10 mg per serving. However, some edibles may have fewer than 10 mg per serving. Make sure you always read product labels before you purchase or consume.


If you’re new to cannabis edibles, do a test dose first.

It’s easy to overdo an edible dosage. Bodyweight, tolerance, and even digestion make a difference from person to person. A single 10 mg serving can cause first-time users to have an unpleasant experience. 

How much should I take the first time? 

Start small and see how it goes. Wait at least two hours before deciding how you feel.  If it wasn’t enough, give yourself 24 hours before you try again. Take an entire dose next time.

What if I take too much?

Try to stay relaxed and calm. Keep yourself in a safe-feeling, quiet space. Remind yourself that you’ll be okay and find a comforting distraction. Have a snack, color, or try to nap it off. 

If you become physically sick, call a medical professional. While uncommon, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to cannabis.

How long do edibles take to start working?

It’s different for everyone, but it takes around 30 to 90 minutes to kick in. However, a lot of factors affect how long it takes. Eating a big meal, for example, might cause slower digestion.

What should I look for when I purchase edible products?

The most important thing to make sure of is that the product is compliant with the state’s regulations. Only choose licensed retailers that have their 11-digit license number displayed. If you’re not sure, do a database search online with the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Shop around for edible products that have clear, thorough labels. California requires opaque packaging, an ingredient list, and manufacturer information. Legitimate brands should also have batch numbers and California’s universal symbol. The symbol is a warning image that identifies items containing cannabis.

Look out for edibles that don’t have these label additions, a government statement, or an expiration date. “Black market” edibles potentially have improper dosages or unlisted ingredients.