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With so many strains of cannabis on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose to get the results you need. Every variety is different. Some relax you while others stimulate your mind. If you’re stuck trying to determine which strains to choose, one of the best places to start is to identify your specific goals. Your next step is to see what category a given strain falls in. In this article, you’ll learn about a Sativa high vs Indica high to help you decide which types of cannabis are right for you. 


The Sativa High

A Sativa high is the high associated with Sativa strains of cannabis. In most cases, these strains produce what’s called a head high. The cannabinoids in the cannabis plant trigger cerebral effects, which can include such things as euphoria, motivation, and creativity. Many strains also provide you with an energy boost. As such, they’re the preferred options for individuals who enjoy a good morning wake and bake

In addition to promoting these cerebral effects, Sativa strains can also help to alleviate pain and reduce anxiety. You can effectively manage your symptoms without having to worry about the stereotypical “cannabis users are lazy and unmotivated” view. 

The Indica High

An Indica high comes from Indica plants. Whereas Sativas are energizing and stimulating, Indicas are relaxing and sometimes sedating. These strains produce a body high. The cannabinoids can help to ease muscle tension and soreness, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and more. In some cases, certain Indica strains can even promote a phenomenon called “couch-lock.” It’s a situation in which you feel glued right to your sofa and find it difficult, if not impossible to move.

Sativa-Dominant vs. Indica-Dominant Effects

Cannabis cultivators are stretching their creative muscles and seeing how far they can go to create the perfect strains. Many of the strains you see on the market are called hybrids. You’ll likely come across the terms “Sativa-dominant” and “Indica-dominant.” What these labels mean is that the plant comes from both an Indica and a Sativa, and that they can exhibit traits from both parent plants. For instance, a Sativa-dominant hybrid could produce a pretty potent head high, increasing your focus and creativity. Its Indica genetics may present themselves in the form of a mild body high. There are a lot of hybrids on the market, so you may need to do at least a little research on the MMD menu. If you’re still unsure, your budtender should be more than willing to offer some helpful tips and suggestions.

Find the High that Suits Your Needs Best

With so many strains of cannabis on the market, you might be understandably overwhelmed trying to find something. It can be particularly challenging if you’re not sure what each strain does. Knowing whether you want to pursue a Sativa high vs a Indica high is a great place to begin, then you can find the right strains of cannabis to suit your unique needs and have the best experience.