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More isn’t always better. Every day the cannabis community seems to grow and each person is figuring out their preferred method for using cannabis. More and more products are bursting onto the scene and cannabis concentrates are getting most of the attention. Some enjoy microdosing weed because it’s a great way to reap many of the benefits cannabis has to offer without the high. 

weed syringe

What Is Microdosing?

It’s when you take in a very small amount of THC to get the desired effects without feeling high or intoxicated. Microdosing is different for everyone, in that everyone’s body is unique and reacts to the cannabinoids in cannabis differently. For many people, a microdose is about five milligrams or less. However, some people with a higher tolerance may need 10 or more milligrams. Finding your “sweet spot” or perfect dosage can take some time and experimenting.

Who Microdoses?

Microdosing is especially popular with people using medical cannabis for ailments. Being able to treat an ailment and be able to function properly is very important when you’re using medical cannabis. However, many people using recreational cannabis are also finding that a low dose is a great way to enhance daily life without getting overly high or intoxicated. 

How Do You Find Your Sweet Spot?

Finding out what milligram produces the best results for you requires some experimentation and time. Begin by abstaining for 48 hours to reset your tolerance level. After 48 hours, begin with just one milligram of THC, make sure you’re using a product that can be measured precisely, then write down how you felt after a few hours. The next day, do two milligrams and write down how you feel after a few hours. Continue this process until you notice a difference in how you feel after consumption, this is your minimal dose. Continue to raise the dose each day by a small amount and record the effects. Once you feel you’re not feeling any additional benefits, this will be your “ therapeutic range.” Many people have discovered that finding their sweet spot and microdosing saves them a lot of money because they end up using less than half as much product.

How It’s Done

There are many products and tools designed for microdosing such as:

  • Edibles: you can easily find edibles with 5 milligrams of THC
  • Tinctures: easy to measure precise dosage because it comes with a dropper.
  • Syringes: some have an aversion to syringes because they associate them with needles but syringe cannabis is very clean, precise, and doesn’t come with a needle.
  • One-hitter pipes: this won’t give you an exact milligram and will vary based on the plant strain, but many people find that just one hit is the perfect dose.‌

Wrap Up

Microdosing weed is a great way to enjoy its benefits and still be able to function in daily activities. Whether you’re using it for medical or recreational reasons, finding your sweet spot will help you save money and get the best experience from your favorite cannabis products. Enjoy!