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Source Cannabis - Source 3.5g Cherry Dosidos $55
Source 3.5g Cherry Dosidos $55
THC: 30.3%
CBD: 0.1%
Cherry Dosidos is a delicious Hybrid cross of the Cherry Pie and Dosidos strains. Also known as Cherry Dosi, this genetic collaboration expresses some of the best traits these two award-winners have to offer. The flowers are chunky and dense with darker shades of green and have the occasional purple calyx. Generously coated in sticky and glistening trichomes, the buds have a sweet and earthy nose that offers hints of cherry and spice. A sweet and effective smoke for the experienced consumer, Cherry Dosi’s taste is smooth, honeyed, floral - and a treat for your palate. A soothing hybrid that works day or night, its effects are both euphoric and stimulating.
1/8 oz
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