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Panacea - Panacea "MIDZ" 3.5g GKM $45
Panacea "MIDZ" 3.5g GKM $45
THC: 31.19%
CBD: 0.96%
Gelato Kush Mintz has a dense bud structure with alternating hues of forest green and eggplant purple, with wiry, amber pistils emerging throughout. When hit from a bong, Gelato Kush Mintz produced a mild earthy inhale with definite hints of pepper and spice. A cool, piney-sweet exhale really embodies a lingering “minty” flavor. A quick hitting cerebral flush develops into a hazy, floaty head-heavy high. Light on overall body effects, Gelato Kush Mintz still feels indica heavy given its intensely relaxing profile and commanding high. Best suited for end-of-day, Gelato Kush Mintz is not the one to be smoked on a lunch break. Good luck getting back to work.
1/8 oz
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