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Burb - Burb 3.5g Beaver Tail $65
Burb 3.5g Beaver Tail $65
THC: 30.06%
Looking for Kush Mints crosses? The Canada brand Burb has brought their A-game to California’s hyper-competitive market with Beaver Tail, a cross of Pink Gelato x Kush Mints #11. Roots Genetics in Los Angeles bred the strain for Burb, and the two have been growing it since late 2021. Beaver Tail has an exquisite, icy-dark look, with that tasty, iconic gelato smell of creamy berry, fuel, and earth. Beaver Tail slaps fools with a 26-31% THC scores, and its heavy, relaxing body high effect goes great with a weekend weed nap, or killing your work week insomnia. Beaver Tail slapped us silly, like we got on the wrong side of a semi-aquatic rodent.
1/8 oz
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