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710 Labs - 710 Labs Water Hash 1g Grease Bucket #9 $60
710 Labs Water Hash 1g Grease Bucket #9 $60
THC: 692.14mg
CBD: 1.08mg
What is Water Hash? As we stated in our solventless post, in order to make Water Hash, plants are broken down into smaller bud sites and added to large tubs of very cold (almost freezing) water and ice. The plants are then gently stirred. In a cold room, we gently wash the water hash by hand using a paddle, whereas some Hashmakers are using machines to agitate the plants. The gentle agitation at cold temperatures separates the trichome heads from the trichome stalks. The intent is to keep the heads fully intact without rupturing the membrane and letting the good stuff(resin) drain out. The trichome heads are now floating and hanging out in the vessel of cold water and ice. We then filter that water thru mesh @icextract bags with different micron screen sizes. Each bag is a different size micron ranging from 25ū to 180ū and these bags catch different size trichome heads as well as some stalks and other plant matter. We feel the 90ū - 150ū bags catch the juiciest most valuable trichome heads. If they melt perfectly on the banger, nail or insert, we release them as fullmelt water hash OR send to our Persy collection of rosin. If we extract too much stalk or the genetic itself has a poor head-stalk ratio, the hash will melt down to less of an oil on your banger and produce more char or plant material left behind. If you don’t keep the water hash, or sometimes referred to as Live Heads cold, until right before you smoke them, the heads are sensitive to temperature change and the heads will grease down and the juices will coagulate together to form the greased down water hash. If the water hash is left out of the fridge or freezer too long it will start to change consistency, off-gassing terpenes which will break down the membrane of the head and change the consistency of the hash. First greasing down into a nice oil which is perfect to dab but over longer periods of time it will turn into more of a caked dry badder. An important part of the process to note is keeping the plant and trichome heads very cold throughout the entire process, from harvest to final jar and of course all the way to our customer's hand. This is where fresh frozen whole plants (FFWP) come in. 99% of the product we extract is made from fresh frozen buds as opposed to dried flowers. The only flower we dry is colas/tops of the plant that go into our flower jars or joints. The reason we like to extract with fresh frozen material is because the plant's optimal terpene profile is achieved fresh on the plant. In addition there is more room for degradation of the trichome heads during the drying and curing process. A big No No when making water hash. Preserve the terps and protect the heads! Every minute not being in the freezer and every day of drying you are naturally losing terpenes to the air. While obviously the flower that we smoke is dried and creates a different flavor profile when smoked, it simply has less terpenes. A different experience entirely. We will talk about this topic more when we discuss the cure process for dry flowers. Questions? What ya got!?
1 gram
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