Almora Farm - Almora Badder 1.2g SFV OG
Almora Badder 1.2g SFV OG
THC: 72.1%
CBD: 0.11%
Almora makes high-quality, fresh, consistent cannabis for everyone who wants great weed. Almora cannabis is lovingly grown at our beautiful, bustling farms in California's finest agricultural regions, resulting in some of the highest-quality sun-grown California cannabis available. SFV OG, also known as "San Fernando Valley OG," is a hybrid strain that delivers potent relaxation, without getting you stuck on the couch. Delivering an energizing head high that slowly creeps down the body in a relaxing wave. Leading with aromatic notes of earthy pine and lemon, SFV OG is a perfect mid-day smoke to uplift the mind and relax the body.
1.2 grams
Price per unit

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