High Gorgeous - High Gorgeous Lotion 500mg Wild Thing 1:1
High Gorgeous Lotion 500mg Wild Thing 1:1
THC: 201.9mg
CBD: 213.28mg
Feeling tamed by sore muscles or dry, dull skin? Try our luxurious coconut-scented body lotion and release your inner Wild Thing with the benefits of cannabis combined with a super-hydrating blend of vitamins and plant extracts. Now let the world hear you roar! This body lotion is similar to Coconut Vibes, but with even more cannabinoids. 3.4 fl oz Bottle Contains: ~ 200mg CBD, 200mg THC, 100mg THCA Made without parabens, sulfates, & dyes. Always cruelty-free and vegan. *Actual cannabinoid content may vary by bottle. Please refer to lab results located on the outer box. Release your inner Wild Thing! • 500mg total cannabinoids • Super-hydrating • Vitamins and botanical extracts • Coconut-Scented • Protects and restores
500.0 milligrams
Price per unit

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