West Coast Cure - WCC Preroll 1g Lemon Twist
WCC Preroll 1g Lemon Twist
THC: 28.6%
CBD: 0.03%
West Coast Cure is stoked to roll out their Lemon Twist Cured Joint, a Sativa-dominant hybrid smoke that’s worthy of your wake-and-bake morning sesh. Packed with flavors of lemon and pine, this joint of twisted citrus provides an aroused and cerebral high from its resin encrusted flowers. Whether you’re looking to get your day off to a great start or are in search of the motivation to keep it going, this joint provides an optimistic, motivated cerebral mindset, combined with mellow and uplifting body effects. You know, the type of feeling you can appreciate any time of the day. * West Coast Cure Cured Joints are tested in compliance with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements
1 gram
Price per unit

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