West Coast Cure - WCC Live Resin Sauce 1g Venom OG
WCC Live Resin Sauce 1g Venom OG
THC: 76.92%
CBD: 0.06%
Get bit by WCC’s Venom OG Live Resin Sauce. The high from these nug run concentrates deliver a fierce dab with a complex flavor profile. An Indica dominant OG Live Resin, the sauce is loaded with petrol terps that express a citrus and pine flavor with a smooth and earthy finish. As powerful as it is tasty, a dab of Venom OG is a relaxing way to end the day. Venom OG Live Resin Sauce is a high-THC antidote for mitigating joint discomfort, insomnia, and the monotony of an otherwise boring day.
1 gram
Price per unit
This product is no longer available.

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