Cream of the Crop - Cream Of The Crop Badder 1g Illemonati
Cream Of The Crop Badder 1g Illemonati
THC: 85.57%
Sativa Dominant
Illemonati is a sativa dominant strain derived from London Lemons crossed with Gellati. Your nose will get punched with this strains sharp and pungent aromas of funky, citrus and floral, pepper. Illemonati offers a euphoric cerebral high that will have you feeling happy, creative and stress-free. A great strain to combat depression and lack of motivation. Total Terpenes: 8.51% Sum of Cannabinoids: 97.57% Total THC: 85.57% Extracted by using a subcritical narrow spectrum method. Never any CRC. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
1 gram
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