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Cannabis concentrates have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Many users enjoy them for their potent effects. While flowers have up to 30% or more THC, most concentrates, including wax, range from 70% to 90%. A little bit goes a very long way with providing effective results. One of the most common ways to use concentrates is vaping, but you can also smoke them. If you’re wondering how to smoke wax, here are a few ways you can give it a try.

Add Wax to a Joint

If you’re looking to take your joint experience to the next level, adding a bit of wax gives you a nice extra kick of potency. All you need are the same items you typically use to roll a joint plus a bit of wax.


You have a couple of options here, both of which are a form of what’s known as twaxing. One is to top your ground buds with a bit of wax inside the joint. The other thing you can do is wind a bit of wax around the outside of the joint after you roll it. Both methods are fairly simple. Keep in mind that they may cause your joint to burn unevenly, though.

Top Your Bowl

Maybe you prefer to smoke a pipe or use a bong. Guess what? You can take these experiences to the next level with a bit of wax, too. Topping your bowl is arguably the easiest way to smoke the concentrate. Pack your bowl as you would normally, and then add a bit of wax to the top of it.

While this method is easier, it can be a bit wasteful. It can also be a messy process. One way to limit the mess is to freeze the wax for a few minutes, making it easier to handle.

Use a Dab Rig

Dabbing is technically a form of vaping, but many users consider it smoking. A dab rig is fairly similar to a bong. Instead of packing a bowl, though, you light the nail with a torch. After you let it cool for several seconds (generally 10 to 45 depending upon the material), you apply a very small amount of wax to it and inhale the vapor that collects in the chamber. While dabbing provides potent hits and is a bit more complicated than other methods, it does provide some of the smoothest experiences.

How Not to Smoke Wax

Now, you may have heard of a few other “unconventional” ways to smoke wax. While some people use them because they don’t have a dab rig or other tools, they’re not exactly ideal. These alternatives include:

  • Using hot knives
  • Using a car lighter
  • Using aluminum foil

These methods may work in a pinch, but they do have some significant drawbacks. For instance, using a car lighter is dangerous. Not to mention, it gets your lighter sticky and messy. Using aluminum foil can release additional chemicals. All of these methods can make you look (and feel) desperate. If you don’t have the right tools, it’s best to take a trip to your local dispensary and find what suits your needs best.

Smoking wax (and other concentrates) provides a different way to enjoy the potency of your favorite strains. Joints, pipes, bongs, and dab rigs are the best methods to use. You might see tips that recommend using foil or a car lighter, but you should avoid these options.