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There are countless ways to consume cannabis — joints, pipes, bongs, vapes, and more. Each person has their own preference, but the way you take your cannabis can impact the kind of experience you have. 

Many cannabis users are drawn to the advantages of dab pens: they’re discreet, convenient, and clean. However, one of its most powerful advantages is that it can deliver quick and effective results. dab pen

What is a Dab Pen?

Similar to vape pens or wax pens, a dab pen is a handheld device with a cartridge filled with a cannabis concentrate. Instead of burning the cannabis, the dab pen cartridge is heated to produce a vapor. 

While wax pens and dab pens are often used interchangeably, dab pens are the only device that use dabs specifically. Dabs, an informal name for these THC concentrates, are often used for a more potent effect. 

A dab pen may look intimidating for those unfamiliar with vaping. However, it’s used in a similar way to traditional vaping. Instead of a compact cartridge that you can operate by just pressing a button, dabbing requires you to add oil with a separate heating surface.

The Advantages of Dab Pens

When it comes to vaping cannabis, dabbing is considered more labor-intensive. However, it gives you more ways to customize — and many argue that it provides a higher-quality experience. 

Dab pens are easy to use and portable. As it doesn’t involve burning flower, the process is smoke-free and much more discreet. 

Unlike vaping, dabbing allows you more control over your experience. You can choose the kind of concentrate, including different types and textures. With a dab pen, you can also set the exact temperature and amount of concentrate. 

Dabbing: Rapid and Intense Results

Dab pens offer a higher potency than both vaping and smoking. The concentrates typically contain 80 to 90 percent THC, making them much more efficient. This intensity can deliver a powerful, long-lasting high. 

This also makes dabbing a preferable option for many who are microdosing. It only requires a small amount of consumption to deliver the desired results — allowing users to get the full effect of the THC or CBD with only one dab rather than multiple hits through a vape pen. 

Not only are the effects powerful, but they can lead to more rapid results. Studies show that vaping or dabbing can lead to a more intense high that kicks in much faster than smoking. 

The high potency and immediate results may also offer greater relief for those with chronic pain, nausea, or other medical conditions. 

Dab Pen Cartridges for Quick and Powerful Results 

Dab pens are the best choice for those who are well-versed in vaping and looking for a way to upgrade their experience. These pens require regular maintenance and upkeep — along with an understanding of how to load and clean all the different parts. 

However, this more advanced vaping device also offers more room to experiment and customize your experience exactly how you want it. For those seeking a more powerful experience, dab pens also offer unparalleled potency and efficiency.