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A CBD tincture is a popular way to enjoy the health benefits of CBD with just a few quick squirts under the tongue. A tincture comes in an amber bottle with a dropper, just like the bottles in an old-style pharmacy cabinet. The dark glass protects it from light, and the dropper allows foolproof dosing. 

Inside the bottle is a concentrated dose of CBD that packs a powerhouse of health benefits. CBD (cannabidiol) balances body systems to help with everything from anxiety to metabolism to pain.

Easy dosing, long storage, mild taste, and portability—all of these make CBD tinctures the most widely-used form of CBD today.  

The Active Ingredient in a CBD Tincture

cannabis tincture

CBD is among more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis. It’s also a star player—one of the most powerful and widely studied. The FDA has already approved Epidiolex, an epilepsy drug made with CBD. Labs are researching CBD to treat arthritis, mood disorders, autoimmune disease, and more.

Unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive. It won’t get you high. But it can soothe anxiety and spread a calming vibe through the body. Consumers love the boost from this natural, plant-based product that is generally well-tolerated and safe

Sometimes, a CBD tincture is combined with THC. Studies show it has a synergy with THC that makes it more effective.  

What Is a Tincture and How Do You Use It?  

A tincture is made by dissolving cannabis in alcohol or glycerin to extract the CBD. It’s then strained and bottled. There are a lot of upsides to using a tincture:

  1. It’s shelf-stable for long periods if you keep it away from direct sun or heat.   
  2. Droppers have lines marking the different doses, so you get the right amount.  
  3. When used sublingually (under the tongue) the CBD hits the bloodstream quicker than edibles.  
  4. Because it doesn’t go through the digestive process, it’s more potent.  

Getting Just the Right Dose   

CBD tinctures come in different concentrations, which can be confusing if you’re new to CBD. The dose should also be adjusted depending on body weight and the condition you’re treating. Here’s a good starting plan for dosing:  

  1. Quality CBD brands often have dosing instructions on the box. If not, start with 10-15 mg of CBD daily for the first week. Gradually work your way up until you get the desired effect.  
  2. To get the most out of your tincture, don’t take it until 15 minutes after you’ve eaten. If you have food in your stomach, it can reduce potency.  

CBD Tinctures in Food and Drink  

Tinctures tend to have a mild taste. CBD oils can taste pretty strongly of the raw plant, although some people like the earthy taste.

Tinctures are a great addition to food and drink if you don’t like putting a dropper in your mouth. Some tinctures are spiked with cinnamon or peppermint oil or flavorings like blueberry or lemon. You can drizzle them right on top of desserts, cocktails or coffee.

Versatile CBD tinctures are a valuable tool in the fight against disease and as a bonus, boost your overall wellbeing, too.