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CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant after THC. Unlike THC, it doesn’t cause you to get high, but it does provide a whole host of incredible benefits. For those who want to use cannabis without the high (or with a less potent high), CBD products fit the bill. CBD tinctures offer fast-acting relief in an easy-to-use, easy to dose format. The question is, what’s the best CBD tincture dosage?

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are a type of liquid cannabis product. They’re generally alcohol-based, which means manufacturers soak cannabis plants in alcohol to extract cannabinoids and terpenes. After discarding the plant matter, they bottle the solution in opaque glass bottles. These bottles get a special lid that contains a dropper. 

While most tinctures are alcohol-based, those aren’t your only options. Some manufacturers create glycerin or oil-based tinctures, too. 


Benefits of a CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures offer a few significant advantages:

  • They’re discreet
  • They’re easy
  • They offer accurate, consistent dosing
  • The allow for drop-by-drop dosing and microdosing

Will a CBD Tincture Get You High?

Unlike THC, CBD itself doesn’t get you high. However, the answer to whether a CBD tincture will get you high depends on the rest of the profile of your particular bottle. For instance, if you have a high CBD low THC tincture, you’re not likely to get high. If you have a tincture that offers a more balanced CBD to THC ratio, on the other hand, you may feel some psychoactive effects. If you do experience a high, it’s likely to be much less potent than if you took a high THC low CBD tincture. 

What’s the Best CBD Tincture Dosage?

Here’s the thing – there’s no perfect or ideal CBD tincture dosage. The best dosage is what provides you with the relief you seek. What works for someone else may not work as well for you. All cannabis products, including CBD tinctures, are highly personal. You’ll need to take the time to find what provides you with optimal results. 

Factors that Affect Your CBD Tincture Dosage

There are several factors that can affect your ideal CBD tincture dosage, including:

The CBD to THC Ratio 

CBD tinctures come in varying CBD to THC ratios. Some may have a lot of CBD and very little THC, while others are more balanced. Those with more balanced ratios are more likely to cause a high. If you’re sensitive to THC, you may need to use less than someone who has a higher tolerance for THC. 

The Amount of CBD in the Tincture

Tinctures have varying amounts of CBD in them. For instance, some bottles may have 5,000mg of CBD while others only have 3,000mg. You’d need less of a 5,000mg tincture to obtain the same results as the tincture with 3,000mg CBD. 

Your Tolerance

If you’re new to CBD tinctures, you may need less than someone who’s been using a tincture for several years. Over time, you may develop a tolerance, which would mean you’d need to take a higher dose to obtain your desired benefits. 

Find Your Ideal CBD Tincture Dosage

Just as with other types of cannabis products, no singular dose will provide consistent results for everyone. Everyone’s different, which means your ideal dosage is unique to you. Start low and go slow, and you’ll find the amount of CBD tincture that provides you with the best results possible.