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Anxiety can be debilitating in its many different forms. It’s no wonder many people look toward cannabis for aid to help ease their suffering. Cannabis has a reputation for helping combat the symptoms of anxiety. Users experimenting with the best cannabis for anxiety often report an increased sense of calm, along with improved relaxation and sleep. 

Taking too much of a cannabis strain high in THC can leave some users with temporary feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Choosing a CBD-rich strain sometimes helps with this issue, as CBD’s properties can counteract some of the unwelcome side effects of THC. However, the terpenes in each strain can have a more notable impact on its effects than cannabinoid percentages. Here are some of the most effective cannabis strains for anxiety. 

cannabis for anxiety

The Best Strains to Help Combat Anxiety


ACDC is a popular medical strain and an anti-inflammatory, commonly used to treat pain, epilepsy, and the negative effects of chemotherapy. It’s also a mood booster, relaxing and uplifting users to help them fight anxiety. ACDC’s high 14% CBD percentage helps cancel out any intoxicating effects, so it’s a useful strain for day-to-day discreet treatment. 


Remedy melts your worries away with each puff or bite. This 14% CBD strain has virtually no THC content, so it produces little or no psychoactive effects. Remedy’s pure CBD-high will help you fight your anxiety and guide you toward inner peace. It’s also used to treat seizures, pain, severe symptoms of autism, and inflammation. 

Granddaddy Purple

Although Granddaddy Purple has a low CBD concentration, the strong psychoactive effects from its 20-23% THC sedate the body and calm racing thoughts. This strain is often used before sleep to help anxious and restless minds drift off more easily. Granddaddy Purple can also be beneficial if you suffer from pain, insomnia, or nausea associated with your anxiety. 


Elektra pairs less than 1% of THC with up to 20% of CBD – a high percentage even for CBD-dominant strains. With a deeply relaxing effect that won’t knock you off your feet or lock you to the couch, Elektra is a great choice for both a quiet night at home or an evening out with friends. This strain is calming above all, and powerful for helping treat different types of anxiety. 

Critical Mass

Maybe you want to experiment with a THC high to uplift you and calm your anxiety, but you’re apprehensive or you’ve had a bad experience with cannabis before. Critical Mass is known to relax users without causing them to “green out”. That’s because its moderate 8-12% CBD content is more likely to protect you against any potential side effects of the relatively low 5-8% THC. 


With a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio of THC to CBD, Cannatonic produces an uplifting THC high that’s mellowed with the soothing dose of CBD. This means you can enjoy a calming, mild high while staying functional. Cannatonic strain is praised for relieving the headaches or migraines that may be a result of your anxious feelings. As the high from Cannatonic is short-lived, it’s useful for when you need to be pulled out of a sticky mental moment. 

The Best Cannabis For Anxiety

If you’d like to look beyond only the effects of CBD vs THC, Leafly wrote an informative piece to help you identify and understand the terpenes that are thought to ease anxiety.